Advanced Technology Has Replaced The Traditional

31 Jul Advanced Technology Has Replaced The Traditional

Digital x-ray technology has given dental patients the added advantages of convenience, lower risk of exposure to radiation, and the ability to view images right along with the dentist.

Even with the precautions of lead aprons and limited use some patients continue to be concerned about the exposure to radiation from traditional x-ray systems.  Digital x-ray lowers dosage by some 70%.

Some dental issues require specialized treatment or laboratory work.  If  the need for outside consultation arises your dentist’s office can merely e-mail the information to the outside source to facilitate matters.  This computer technology greatly reduces the risk of loss in transition.

As for the professional side of things, digital radiology has eliminated the necessity of having to wait for the x-ray films to be developed which often meant an additional appointment to discuss results with the patient.  

Unlike traditional x-rays digital technology has made it possible to enhance images in order to  pinpoint any areas of concern making it easier to explain to patients what treatments may be more successful.  Digital images can be stored on a computer for easy future access.  All these factors combine to save time and improve one on one communication between patient and dentist.

Without x-ray technology many potential dental issues would escape early detection.  Take advantage of the cutting edge technology offered at Fit To Smile Dental in Highlands Ranch and Englewood.