Are You Being Deprived Of Sleep?

01 May Are You Being Deprived Of Sleep?

When you are scheduled for a dental exam you should expect to answer a few questions pertaining to your medical history. Your dentist will want to know if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medications or if you are currently undergoing a medical treatment that may affect your oral health.

An oral cancer screening has become a routine part of a thorough checkup. The fact is that most of us see our dentist more often than we do our physician so it stands to reason that a dental exam may discover something before a yearly physical might. The same can hold true when it comes to pinpointing the signs of sleep apnea. Although a dentist cannot make a definite diagnosis, he can certainly recognize the signals and alert the patient to the need for further analysis.

Dentists are trained to observe the conditions that may indicate that a patient is experiencing sleep apnea. If for instance, the patient suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure or is seriously overweight it may lead the dentist to ask the patient if he or she is experiencing what may be the effects of sleep deprivation such as feeling tired during the day. Being labeled as a “snorer” by a spouse or roommate is a clear implication that there may be a problem.

Fit To Smile has provided a form on their website with questions that may help determine a tendency for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Find it at