Are You Looking For Improvement?

05 Jun Are You Looking For Improvement?

If you’re undergoing or if you’ve just completed a tooth whitening regimen there are some do’s and don’ts that will apply.  

Keep brushing and flossing.  Regular daily care is a must for keeping those newly whitened teeth looking their best.   Pass up red wine or other dark colored beverages for the first few hours following your whitening procedure to avoid staining.  The same goes for dark colored foods like beef or chocolate – steer clear for awhile and continue to limit your intake.  Lipstick is another stain inducer, put it away for a week or so after whitening.

Your dentist will give you a home maintenance kit to use between your professional whitening sessions.  Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter for the best possible results.  An in office bleaching system is as strong as they come.  Don’t use an over the counter product for at least a month after your professional procedure – you don’t need it.

Don’t expect an instant effect.  It’ll be a couple of weeks after treatments before you see the end result.  In the meantime, start rinsing with an antibacterial tooth whitening mouthwash after every meal to help maintain your new and improved smile.  Brush with a whitening toothpaste for a little extra boost along the way.

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