A Bone Graft Can Better Your Odds

10 Apr A Bone Graft Can Better Your Odds

There are several advantages to having missing teeth replaced by dental implants.  A dental implant will be surgically inserted into your jawbone to serve as the support for the new crown or bridge that will take the place of the missing tooth.  Once in place your implant will look and work just like a natural tooth.  

Can everyone benefit from a dental implant?  One of the strong points of the implant is that it is permanently situated as opposed to a denture which simply rests on the surface of the gums and must often be secured by an over the counter denture cream.  The best candidate for a dental implant is someone who has sound gums and a sufficient jawbone structure.  There are options however, for people who may not perfectly fit the criteria.

A bone graft is the go-to procedure that dentists recommend to patients who have lost bone mass to periodontitis, for instance. The grafting material may be taken from another part of the patient’s own body but dentists more often use a man-made synthetic. The material is transplanted onto the remaining bone structure where it will add to and strengthen the system.  The time-frame for completion of the transformation will depend on the complexity of the procedure, but it will usually take a few months.  Your dentist will want to make sure that the bone structure is strong enough to sustain the implant.

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