Burning Mouth Syndrome

24 Jul Burning Mouth Syndrome

We have all come to know that if we eat certain foods we can expect to suffer the results.  A Bowl of hot, spicy chile for instance, may burn your mouth and could bring on a spat of bad breath.   You know it’s going to happen but the satisfaction is worth the consequences.  Burning mouth syndrome however, is something entirely different.

For one thing, it’s often hard to pinpoint the cause of the condition and unfortunately the discomfort that it brings can be chronic or recurring.  The burning sensation can affect your tongue, cheeks, lips or engulf your entire mouth and can affect the way your tastes buds react to the foods and drinks that you consume.  Symptoms may persist and get worse as the day goes on.

Some research has suggested that burning mouth syndrome may be attributed to a secondary cause such as certain medications or a vitamin deficiency.  Denture wearers or people who suffer from allergies are seen to be at higher risk.  Psychological issues such as anxiety or depression can also factor into the cause as can certain lifestyle habits and your oral health care regimen.  Your dentist and doctor may collaborate to perform tests and exams in an effort to reach a diagnosis and begin a regimen for treatment.

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