Conscious Sedation Can Help To Conquer Your Fears

12 Jun Conscious Sedation Can Help To Conquer Your Fears

Thanks to the advancements in local anesthetics the modern dental procedure is virtually painless but some people still experience the anxiety that comes from the fear that something will go wrong and the pain killer won’t kick in.  Others feel somewhat helpless in the dental chair, like they’re completely at the mercy of the dentist and his assistant.  This is where the advent of conscious sedation comes in.

There are various types of sedation specific to the individual levels of anxiety ranging from mild apprehension to downright dental phobia, which is not as phenomenal as you might think.  Some people are so fearful of the dentist that they will forego their oral health to avoid having the dental procedure that can restore it.  Putting off treatment won’t make the issue go away, it will only makes things worse, but a full blown dental phobia defies reason.

Some descriptions of conscious sedation use the term “sleep dentistry,” when actually patients remain awake and communicative while they are under the influence of the sedation medications.   Some of the stronger formulas may cause some grogginess and some patients have reported that they had no memory of the procedure which was a big plus for many.

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