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A dentist near me in Englewood, Colorado that rewards me for taking good care of myself!

I love being in shape.  I know that every time I go to the gym, or take a Pilates class, I’m giving myself the gift of better health.

I never believed that I would be rewarded with anything more than good physical health and a longer life for my efforts.  But then I found out about Fit to Smile in Englewood, Colorado.  A friend in my spin class told me about them and I followed up.  I had to know more, because I could hardly believe a dentist existed who rewarded you for staying fit.

And now, I’m a believer.

Meet Dr. Ryan Redfearn

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By the summer of 2010, I had stopped playing basketball and softball, but hadn’t done anything to replace these activities. My overall fitness worsened as my weight increased. Pictures from this time period captured the weight gain. To be honest, I remember feeling ashamed and angry that I had allowed myself, once an athlete, to become so terribly unhealthy.

I’ll never forget the pain, lying in the fetal position and trying not to throw up after running on the treadmill for only two or three minutes. That was definitely an eye-opening experience. I was trying to run an eleven-minute per mile. Pure and simple, it was ugly. Some friends back in Missouri had issued my wife and I a challenge to prepare ourselves to run in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital half-marathon in December of that year, and we had accepted.

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Fit to Smile rewards plan.

I checked out Fit to Smile’s website and was amazed at what I found there.  Clients who adhere to a regular regime of cleaning and dental care qualify.  All you need to do is provide the team there with proof of your fitness activities within three months and you’re in.

If you’re a patient In good standing and you follow a regular fitness regime, you’re eligible for up to $250 a year in dental services.

These guys are breaking the mold, where dentistry is concerned.  Fit to Smile understands that good dental health is directly related to overall health and that fitness and self-care have a lot to do with it.  It’s a revolutionary approach to dentistry that rewards you for taking care of yourself.

That’s a bonus I never expected to enjoy for keeping my promises to myself and staying healthy.  This dentist near me in Englewood, Colorado really gets it!

You can even enter to win free teeth whitening.  Whitening is covered by the Fit to Smile rewards plan, but if you win, you can use your $250 credit for something else.

I’m amazed to have found a dentist near me in Englewood, Colorado that understands how important it is to take care of yourself and stay in shape.

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Financing help...

I broke a tooth at 3:30, I was in the building shortly after and had the tooth removed and a temporary put in within a couple hours. They also helped me get financing to pay for it. I highly recommend it.

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Love The Discounts!

Fit to Smile is the best dental practice I have belonged to. I used to have severe anxiety (and hatred) for dentist visits because of past experiences and issues with my mouth. My mom talked me in to giving them a try because she had such a positive experience, so I took a leap of faith. After not going to the dentist for about 3 years, I went in for an initial consultation to meet Dr. Redfearn. I was extremely nervous but after some x-rays and talking with him about my plan for care, I felt so much better and ready to get back into routine dental care. This brings me to my biggest reason for the 5-star rating. I feel fortunate to have Veda as my dental hygienist as she has truly changed my mind about dental care. She is so kind and non-judgmental and she is the reason that I go back regularly for my cleanings. Thank you, Veda! It has been a year since my journey here started and I no longer dread going to the dentist. Fit to Smile really cares about their patients and offers up-front pricing along with discounts/credits for having a healthy and active lifestyle. I highly recommend this practice and think everyone should check them out!

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They Know How To Treat People!

They are amazing! I moved away and moved back and after a year and a half we picked up from where we left off like old friends. They are professional and respect my time. I never have to wait and that is huge for me! And they pay for my healthy exercising habits! Dr. Redfearn and his team know how to treat people!