Influential Means Can Be Deceiving

07 Aug Influential Means Can Be Deceiving

Children and adults have different concerns when it come to their oral health.  That’s why it is so important to find a family dentist who is qualified to deal with them all.  Kids get cavities, that’s a fact.  Children are more vulnerable to tooth decay because the protective covering of tooth enamel on the primary teeth isn’t as strong as that of adult permanent teeth.  It might also have something to do with diet.  

T.V. and movie ads are often geared to the specific audience that the featured film is most likely to attract.  Kids are easily influenced by the voice of a favorite animated character or an admired sports personality.  Unfortunately, some of the products that are most likely to be promoted in this way are not the healthiest.  Energy drinks, sugary cereals and soda are some of the most serious threats for the development of tooth decay.

Grown ups are vulnerable too.  We can be swayed by the endorsement of an influential celebrity or a well respected food critic.  Our guilty little    pleasures are often presented in a romantic or glamorous setting and promise to somehow make our lives more enjoyable.  Products like red wine and exotic foods come to mind, both of which can contribute to the deterioration of our protective layer of tooth enamel.

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