Is There Room For Improvement?

13 Mar Is There Room For Improvement?

Have you found yourself studying your smile in the bathroom mirror?  Do you visualize possibilities for improvement?  If so you may be interested in learning more about the many cosmetic dental procedures that can help to create the smile that you have always wanted.

A lot goes into the construction of that perfect smile.  A smile makeover starts with an evaluation.  Your dentist will be looking at the natural shape and size of your teeth and for any irregularities that may be able to be corrected with cosmetic dentistry.  After an extensive exam will come the all important conversation.  It is essential that you and your dentist start out on the same page as far as your expectations go.

Maybe the shape of your smile has altered over the years.  This could be due to tooth loss or a change in bone structure.  If you liked the look of your original smile show your dentist pictures of yourself back in the day.  If on the other hand you never have really been happy with your own smile find a picture of one that you do admire.  Your dentist can show you before and after illustrations of smile makeovers that have been done for previous patients.  Working together you and he will be able to create a smile that you can both be proud of.

Fit to Smile offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures as well as general services directed to each and every member of your family.  Offices are conveniently located for patients in Englewood,  Highlands Ranch and surrounding areas.