Keep Your Denture In Tiptop Shape

19 Jun Keep Your Denture In Tiptop Shape

The rules for taking care of your dentures are pretty much the same ones that apply to the care of your natural teeth.  The big difference is that you can remove your denture which makes cleaning it easier.  You do have to be careful however, to keep from dropping your denture onto a hard surface. Hygienists like to remind patients to provide a soft landing place by lining their sink with a bath towel, just in case.

Don’t skip a day, your denture requires regular care just like your natural teeth do.  Brush them gently with a soft bristle brush using a cleanser made specifically for denture care.  Remove any adhesive materials that may be stuck to your gums.

Dentures should be left to soak overnight in order to keep their shape.  Plain water works as well as a formulated solution for most people but remember that leaving your denture in extremely hot water may damage it.  Ask your dentist for his recommendation.  If you do use a chemical preparation be sure to rinse your denture thoroughly before putting it back into your mouth.

Keep up with scheduled dental appointments.  Your dentist will want to check your denture regularly to make sure that it is working well for you.  If you do experience any discomfort call your dentist’s office right away.

See Dr. Redfearn at the Fit To Smile Highlands Ranch facility on Wildcat Reserve Parkway or visit the Englewood office on Clarkson St.  Both locations are provided for patient convenience.