Options Have Advanced

15 May Options Have Advanced

If your tooth is broken or if it has been compromised in some other way so that a filling is no longer a viable option for restoration, your dentist may suggest installing a dental crown.  A crown is a protective covering that fits over the damaged tooth to prevent further deterioration and improve the look of your smile.  It is often referred to as a “cap” because it does fit the tooth so snug.

A dental crown can be made of metal, ceramic or a combination of the two.  All- ceramic crowns are most often used when dealing with a front tooth because the material can be matched to the color of the surrounding natural teeth.

It used to be that the process of making and fitting a dental crown involved several weeks time and numerous appointments.  With today’s dental technology however, the entire technique can be achieved in a matter of hours – two to be exact.

The first step in the process will be to take a digital impression of your tooth.  From this impression a computer will create the design of your new crown.  Once the tooth is numbed and the old filling or the decay is removed your dentist will re-shape the tooth so that it will be ready to accept the crown.

Same day crowns save time and inconvenience.  Consult with the doctors of Fit To Smile in Englewood or Highlands Ranch about the various  options available to you.