Technology Continues To Advance

29 Mar Technology Continues To Advance

X-ray technology allows your dentist to seek out and identify the cause of your toothache but it can also be used as a preventive tool.  An x-ray can recognize a potential problem before it has time to develop into something more serious.  That’s why dentists like their patients to have x-rays taken at regular intervals as well as in emergency situations.

X-rays are especially efficient in finding a cavity that may be developing between the teeth or underneath a pre-existing dental filling.  They can also find infection or irregularities at their earliest stages when treatment is most effective.

Radiographs – just another name for x-rays – are valuable for monitoring the quality of a patient’s overall oral health.  A full set of x-rays can provide the prototype that a dentist can use for future comparison purposes.  The progression or reversal of periodontal disease can be successfully monitored with the help of x-ray images.  The dentist will schedule x-ray analysis according to each patient’s particular risk factors.

The progressive innovation of digital radiography has enhanced the technology to the point that the dentist can now heighten the quality of the images to make them even more beneficial in diagnostic and restorative dentistry.

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