Technology Enhances Care

24 Apr Technology Enhances Care

When you consider the advantages of digital x-ray technology over film you may think first of the time involved.  Digital x-rays can be processed in minutes making it possible for the patient to view the results right along with his dentist as part of the appointment.  Time is of the essence when it comes to tooth restoration so the sooner a treatment plan can get underway, the better.  Being able to point to the problem on a computer screen will make it easier for the dentist to explain what needs to be done to fix it, kind of like show and tell.  A digital x-ray can easily be enlarged to show even more clarity.

Digital x-rays are said to reduce the amount of radiation that the patient is exposed to by a whopping 75%.  When patients know that their dentist is looking out for their well being by investing in the safer technology they will appreciate the effort.

Environmentally conscious patients will recognize the awareness that their dentist shows by switching from film to digital x-rays, thus eliminating the need for harsh chemical developing solutions and the unpleasant odors that they may produce.

Dental assistants can be brought up to date on the way the technology works with no extensive training time necessary.

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