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A “flipper” is a partial denture made of acrylic plastic that attach to the adjacent teeth with wire clasps to give the denture support. The name is derived from the fact that the denture can be removed simply with a flick of the tongue. Now however, there is a new alternative to partial dentures.

If you’ve lost one or more teeth and are waiting to have a dental implant, a “flexible removable partial denture” could be right for you. The nylon based material used to make the flexible denture provides strength and durability as well as comfort for the wearer. The base is gum colored making it a good cosmetic restoration for surrounding teeth that may have been affected by the receding gums associated with gum disease.

A flexible partial is less porous making it resistant to the buildup of bacteria and able to absorb just the right amount of water to keep it soft and pliant. Preparation is minimal as there is no need to alter the composition of the surrounding teeth. Because it is lightweight and resilient most patients have found it much easier to adapt to a flexible denture.

It’s important to fill the empty space left by tooth loss asap in order to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of pace. Without proper replacement tooth loss can actually affect the entire shape of the mouth.

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