Fit to Smile Dental – Englewood is proud to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Our entire staff is very good with children. We know and understand how children think so that we can start them off right. We want them to associate the dentist’s office as a good place, instead of being scared. We take our time with each patient so that they have an enjoyable visit.

Our dentist (and entire staff) understand the importance of good oral health even as young children. They have specialized training with primary teeth. They are here to help protect and restore children’s teeth so that they can speak and eat easily, as well as having a wonderful smile. They understand the growth and development of children’s teeth so that they can start their oral health off correctly.

We also understand how important it is to take care of your children’s teeth. We will work with parents to ensure that their children are taking good care of their teeth at home. We also monitor for any problems so we can catch them early. We will work with your child’s regular doctor if needed for any problems.

We are often asked when it’s time for a child to come see us? The answer is simple: When they have their first tooth we want to see them! It’s important to get them started early so that when it’s time for a full cleaning they aren’t scared to come and see us! We create a very positive fun atmosphere for them and we call this initial visit a Happy visit! Schedule an appointment for your little one today!

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