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Complimentary Emergency Exam*

*New patients without insurance only.

Dental emergencies can come when least expected! If you are facing a dental concern such as a toothache, injury or dental pain, contact our team in Englewood, CO today! We’ll fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. At no cost to you, we’ll evaluate your area of concern and help you take the first steps towards caring for your smile. Don’t put off the care that you need – schedule your visit today!

Book Your FREE Visit

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact our team to schedule your complimentary visit!

CEREC In-House Crowns

We build custom-made crowns right in our office so patients don’t have to wait to complete their smile restoration!


Patients can enjoy their smile straightening journey with the convenient, discrete, and effective Invisalign system of clear aligners!

Laser Cleanings

Experience the impact of modern innovation with laser cleanings. Using direct light energy, we can remove plaque and tartar gently, without irritating the gums.


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