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The service is great! Nice staffs. They also have coffee and cool drinks available.
Tien V.
I was able to schedule both my teenagers for their cleanings at the same time. Polite attentive staff. The hygienists were gentle and did a thorough job. The doctor is very informative and skilled. This was our second visit to Fit to Smile and we recommend it highly.
I had a great experience during my first visit. Dr. was very thorough in explaining the dental work that needs to be done. The staff was extremely helpful and professional. I was able to schedule my next appointment within a few days so the dental work can be performed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Fit to Smile.
Jeffrey L.
Fit to Smile Group is the best dental group that I have ever known in Colorado since I have moved from California. They are caring, trustworthy, and professionally educated people who are truthfully concerned about their patients. I would certainly like to recommend them to every patients residing in Colorado.
Hena K.
The staff and Dr. are all sincerely committed to providing the best dental service possible. I continue to go to Fit to Smile because of his professionalism and the care his staff provides, as I travel across town 30 miles for my checkups.
Rob N.
Always the best, professional service! In addition, each person I've encountered there is kind and welcoming. Thank you! ​
Kathleen D.
The staff were all very nice. They worked with me on a payment plan, because they did not take my insurance. I had an emergency and needed the work done right then, which happened to be on a Sunday so my options were already limited. I was also very nervous because I had not been to the dentist in quite some time. Dr. was reassuring and helped me feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend Fit to Smile to anyone.
Victoria W.
This is the BEST dentist that I've been to! LOVED my hygienist who made me feel safe with little pain even though my gums were inflamed. She was gentle and got the job done. Also, she educated me on the basics of dental care and gave me info for why I was struggling the way I am. Dr. was so nice and informative. Overall, I felt very welcomed and cared about in regards to my concerns. I have now been equipped to care for my teeth and am hopeful for my future! Thank you Fit to Smile Group!! The receptionists were awesome and bent over backwards to be sure to get the right info they needed to get my insurance billed properly!!! Awesome experience!
These guys are amazing and lovely in every way. I am so thankful to have found Fit to Smile.
Robin P.
Dr. is the real deal. I had nothing but problems with my teeth my whole life and since coming to him four years ago, he has fixed all the problems the other dentists said there was no fixing. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming and best of all very honest. I would recommend this practice to everyone. Thank you.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
Overall my experience was great. The staff was kind and inviting. Linda was able to give me clear information about what was going on in my mouth and how to take care of it. ​
Lymon S.
I heard about Fit to Smile Group from a friend. I asked about implants for my teeth and they got me in the next day. The staff was very nice and they did good work.
Mitok M.
Professional, prompt, & polite.
Wendy R.
Dr. is so friendly and comforting, as is everyone I have met so far in his staff. I let them know about my past trauma and they assured me they would make me as comfortable as possible. Even when I started to freak out, he was happy to reassure me and give me time to relax. My tooth pain is gone, I am able to sleep and eat again, and I am feeling very confident in coming back to Fit to Smile for my dental needs!
Ry L.
Had a crown replaced and I could not of asked for a better experience Dr. and team you are wonderful!!!
Linda provided the best dental care I have experienced from a dental hygienist. Thanks Linda for your outstanding patient and customer service care.
Gilda B.
Theeee best cleaning I've ever had and I've been going to the dentist my whole life!! ​
I appreciate the quality care I receive from Linda, my hygienist. She is thorough and knowledgeable; she provides feedback to improve my dental health. Linda always makes my appointment experience fun. Dr. follows up with his own exam. I appreciate that he respects the feedback that Linda provides. I also want to make mention that Cheryl, the Group's front billing administrative support is excellent as well. It is always a positive experience at Fit to Smile Group.
Fit to Smile Group takes care of every detail. I get timely reminders for my routine appointments; when I arrive at the office, I am happy to see the staff members again and grateful to relax a few minutes in such a calm and soothing atmosphere before it is time for my appointment. Every single member of the staff that I have seen over the years has been positive, professional, and have given me useful information in caring for my teeth. They help me stay healthy!
Thanks to Dr. and his superb staff, my dental implant experience was amazing. My advanced periodontal disease let me to believe that my only options were metal partials or full on dentures, until I met, consulted, and became a patient of Dr. Fit to Smile's dental implant services facilitated my confidence to smile without hesitation and chew without discomfort. Thank you Fit to Smile for your stellar professionalism, exceptional skill sets, and advanced knowledge in Dental Implant Surgery; you positively changed my life forever.
Sherry V.
Love my dentist and dental hygienist. They always make me feel so comfortable and important. My hygienist is so friendly and personal just makes me feel relaxed. And going to the same dentist for 3 to 4 years. Highly recommended. ​
Richard P.
I love how I am treated when I go there... I used to get physically sick to my stomach when I had to see a dentist but everyone is so friendly and welcoming I actually don't mind going to the dentist now! And Dr. is a great guy and an amazing dentist... his staff is awesome!!!
Barbara J.
I feel very fortunate to have my dentistry needs taken care of with the Fit to Smile Group. I am always given the best service. The front office is beautiful and I enjoy the chosen magazines and refreshments while I wait. I get the best care with my teeth and all my questions are answered.
Carolyn M
I honestly have never had a better experience at a dentist office. They have been so kind and personable each and every time. They know me by name and greet me right when I walk in the door. They have me AND my teeth's best interest and never tell me I need unnecessary things done because it makes them money. From the dentist, the hygienist, and the front desk staff, they are all absolutely wonderful and I have never had a bad experience here. Thanks Fit to Smile.
I have been a patient at Dr. office since I moved to Colorado, almost two years ago. I needed major dental work and had to have that done in addition to routine cleanings and checkups. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly, very accommodating, and professional. Dr. is pleasant, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist. They are a caring group and make dental visits (that many people might dread) a pleasurable experience. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. and his staff and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Paul B.
Pre-appointment reminders are extremely helpful. I was seen exactly on-time by a dental hygienist who is professional, friendly, explained procedures succinctly. The dentist took the time to ask questions, went over future care for my dental health. Future appointments were set up to meet my schedule as closely as possible. The offices are beautifully decorated and calming. This dental group works cohesively and smoothly together. They would rate superior to just about any other dental group, not only locally, but nationally.
Ben W.
I was very happy with the service that I was provided with! I was taken care very respectively and professionally. This was the first crown that I had replaced that was painless and the fit was perfect! Thanks for the great job! Sincerely, Annette.
No problems. Appointment was scheduled, but barely had time to sit down before I was called to go back to treatment room. Employees were all friendly and had a smile and greeting for me. I was quite pleased to have work done in a timely manner, and I was on my way out the door. ​
Myrna J.
My treatment was done very professionally with the utmost consideration for my comfort during a lengthy procedure. I have the utmost confidence in Dr.
Lee S.
I had a bad experience long time ago visiting a dentist and have not gone to the dentist in more than 10 years since the bad experience I had. My teeth and gums were in such a bad condition and decided to try Fit to Smile. Dr. and all of the staff were very nice and made me feel very comfortable and Dr. was very professional and knowledgable. He treated me with personal care and I feel I have my dentist for life! I still have a long way to go on my treatment, but I trust Dr. and his staff 100%. I highly recommend Dr. and his wonderful and kind staff. Thank you.
Robert K.
Dr. 와 사무원이 전화을 밤 늦께까지 친절히 받아주어서 대단히 고맙슴니다. 먼저 치료후 follow-up 이 너무 잘되서 좋았습니다. 임플란트는 현제 너무 만족하고 제 이처럼 잘쓰고있습니다. 박선생님 감사합니다!
Keon K.
Great service, very beautiful & nice office and Dr. is the BEST!
Jeannene A.
I was a patient of Dr. Lemke's since 1991. Of course, when he retired and Dr. took over, I was apprehensive as most are with change in dental and medical care. Of course I miss Dr. Lemke, but I must say that Dr. and his staff have proved to be keepers. They have continued to provide kind, caring, and professional dental service, and go above and beyond when one is in pain and in need of emergency care. I didn't need to worry about the change in doctors after all.
Dennis L.
The entire experience was reassuring from the initial call of... "is your office taking new patients?" Cheryl, Bora, Cristina, and Dr. were beyond sympathetic & problem solvers!.
Tracy A.
I really appreciate how friendly and professional the staff is. Chris does an excellent job with my cleanings and is always happy to answer any questions I have. I have only known Dr. for a short time but he seems to do a much more thorough inspection than my last dentist. I also like that when I have an appointment, I am not waiting in the front room forever. When I show up for my appointment, I am seen very quickly.
Brendan C.
Everyone is very prompt and accommodating!
Mark S.
It is great to be taken care of all treatments here from a wonderful dentist. I really appreciate his great job. I am so lucky to have chosen his clinic. Thanks again Fit to Smile!
Kumsuk K.
Dr. always provides great services and all staffs are nice and friendly!
Brenda S.
I love Cheryl at the front desk and Chris did an amazing job cleaning!!!
Kathy L.
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